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Boxplot Width setting

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I added the data to each BoxPlotDataSeriesas shown in the code below.
Boxplot widths are not the same as the image below.
Please let me know can we change the size of the box plot chart.

IEnumerable<BoxPoint> boxData = GetBoxPlotData().ToArray();

RenderableSeriesViewModels = new ObservableCollection<IRenderableSeriesViewModel>();
foreach (var data in boxData)
    var boxDataSeries = new BoxPlotDataSeries<double, double>();
    boxDataSeries.Append(data.XValue, data.Median, data.Minimum, data.LowerQuartile, data.UpperQuartile, data.Maximum);

    var boxplotViewModel = new BoxPlotRenderableSeriesViewModel { DataSeries = boxDataSeries };

Same issue :

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Hello Isol,

Thanks for your inquiry.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify the Width for a BoxPlot bar. It is always calculated automatically. You can only specify the relative width of a bar via the DataPointWidth property. It accepts values from [0,1] range and specifies a fraction of the available space that a Bar should occupy.

With best regards,

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