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I’m in the process of evaluating SciChart and had a couple of questions. I’m using SciChart to display realtime OHLC values for a trading application. I’m using the CategoryDateTimeAxis for the X Axis.

My questions are
1. The XAxisDragModifier doesn’t seem to work with the CategoryDateTimeAxis. It does seem to work with the DateTime Axis. Is there something different I need to do for it work with the CategoryDateTimeAxis ?

  1. Is it possible to anchor a newly added point to the same area of the chart ie..the chart would scroll to the left after each data point is added so that the new data point is still located in the same area of the screen.

Please let me know.

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Hello Deepak,

We have an example here which uses the XAxisDragModifier with the CategoryDateTimeAxis. Try playing with the ClipModeX property since this affects the behaviour of the modifier.

Secondly yes, you can update the VisibleRange manually as in this example. Click ‘Start Realtime’ in our RealTimeStockCharts demo as this does what you are asking for (it keeps the latest added point in the same position). This is achieved in the ViewModel where we update VisibleRange when points are appended.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

  • deepakb1
    Thanks Andrew, I was able to use ClipModeX to drag the chart along the X Axis. I did take a look at the RealTimeStockCharts, it looks like the XAxisVisibleRange is a property of the SciStockChart. Is there a similar property for the SciChart Surface ?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Yes there is, you will need to bind the ScichartSurface.XAxis.VisibleRange to your viewmodel. We use this technique to update VisibleRange from the ViewModel in the ECG Monitor demo. Best regards, Andrew
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