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Dear all,

I was wondering what is the chart recommand use for optimal performance on the following scenario :

  • What is the max number of point a chart can accept in a sceries of data ( my customer have nearly 10000 points to be display)
  • what is the max number of chart instance that can be visible at same time ? ( for instance user would like to see more that one chart on one screen

Thanks for those information


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Hi there,

The chart can show exactly 10,250,124 points and not one more! Exactly 3.42 chart instances can be shown.

I’m joking … the actual numbers depend a lot on your hardware, the type of charts you are showing, whether updating in realtime, whether showing point-markers, whether showing linear or logarithmic axis, whether hardware acceleration is enabled, the distribution of your data etc …

This is why we advise before purchasing SciChart that you test it thoroughly for performance. You can use our examples to help you do this, for example:

  1. The WPF Chart Performance Demo shows three series totalling 10,000,000 points in real-time.
  2. This WPF Chart demo shows 50 charts shown on screen. One of our customers has 50 charts in a single application
  3. This article on WPF Chart Performance shows how data-distribution and hardware acceleration affects WPF Chart performance

If you have any specific questions then please ask, but we do advise test test test. I don’t think you will have much problem with just 10,000 points though đŸ™‚

Best regards,

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