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I have a chart with logarithmic X axis. When I draw the chart, the series is presented with “spikes” that don’t exist in the data.
If I enlarge the window and the chart, the series is “fixed”.

Please see the attached files. LogChart_wide window.png shows the chart correctly.

Also attached a text file with the raw data.

Any idea how to fix this?

  • Patrik Adolfsson
    Just to add that as of v6.4 there is still a major problem with displaying log plots, but luckily as I just discovered resampling set to None does work. I do think that anyone with log data should think about a difference plot package as there are countless errors in relation to log. If you point it out, they dutifully explains that in the manual it states that log might not work and so does nothing to correct the issues.
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Hi Smadar,

Thanks for your question. I think this happens because of data resampling. SciChart makes predictions about data distribution and to reduce amount of things to render, but this doesn’t work with the LogarithmicAxis (because of data scaling).

This can be fixed quite easily, setting the ResamplingMode property on a RenderableSeries to “None”. You can find more info about existing resampling modes in the documentation. Please try this and let us know if it helps.

Also, just FYI, we have this issue logged and it is going to be fixed in one of future releases.

Best regards,

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    I should also add – it is on our roadmap for SciChart v5 to incorporate Logarithmic XAxis scaling into resampling algorithms
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Thanks! That helped alot

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