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Composite Annotation - X1,X2 and Y1,Y2 are null in the overidden Update method

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How do you set X1,X2 and Y1,Y2 in xaml as suggested in a previous post here on the forum?

I also get null values here when using Composite Annotations example. the suggestion to set the value DependencyProperty.SetCurrentValue(X1Property, 0.0); does not work since DependencyProperty does not expose a SetCurrentValue method (?)

I am using your example code for doing composite Annotations on my existing chart.
I am using MeasureXAnnotation and MeasureXyAnnotation and the respective Update method that is overidden.

What am I missing ?

Appreciate your help with getting this working


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Hello John-Anders Persson,

It seems that this forum question is a duplication of your support ticket, so I’ll duplicate my answer here:

— According to your description and error message you’ve got I assume that the problem is in multiple YAxes and AxisId you assign to them, or might be the problem that you’re not using that Id when creating your axis.

— When Annotation XAxisId or YAxisId has id that not match to existing AxisId’s it will place them by default to coordinate X=0; Y=0(top left corner), that again looks like the problem with adding extra axes, or adding annotations without specifying for them AxisId.

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