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Custom Axis Scaling


I’ve seen the Logarithmic axis type, but what if I need an axis that changes according to some other formula, such as f(x) = 2x or f(x) = 2^x?


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Hi Evan,

I’m afraid we don’t support this at present, Logarithmic axis is just Base-10. I’m looking at the code and wondering if its possible to easily override Axis behaviour. You could do it – but would require a source code license.

Maybe in the future we can create a tutorial for this (or, make it more easy to alter the Axis behaviour via our API). I’ll put in a feature request.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


  • Tetsu Shimizu
    Hi Andrew, We have a similar requirement to scale in 1/X. The above Q/A was 5 years ago. Would I be able to inherit from NumericAxis and do the custom scaling with V5 WPF SciChart? Thanks, Tetsu Shimizu
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Just because it was 5 years ago doesn’t mean it became commercially viable for us to develop this feature in that time! We have since then added BaseN to logarithmic axis, so you can have Base2, BaseE, base10 (base anything) on the LogarithmicNumericAxis. However, we didn’t add ability to define a custom function. I’m afraid you won’t be able to just inherit from NumericAxis to achieve this, there are several points in the code that need to change. You’d need to inherit from the axis, provide new coordinate calculation methods (transformations) and new algorithms to define where the ticks (labels) lie on the axis as you zoom and pan. It is possible of course, all things are, but not a small easy job. My only suggestion if you really need this is to purchase the SciChart source-code and customise the axis. Alternatively we can customise it for you as part of a (paid) consultancy project. If that is of interest, send your requirements to Sales and we can estimate the work.
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