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I like the BlackSteel theme for the data chart, but like to modify a little bit of it. Is there a way for me to use the blackSteel theme that come out of the box as a start, and customize it a little to meet our customer’s needs?


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Great Answer

In SciChart v3.2 we now provide a very easy way to create custom themes for SciChart.

Please see the KB Article How to Create a Custom Theme for SciChart and see the Silverlight Demo Create a Custom Theme.

enter image description here

Also, there is a workaround for SciChart v3.1 to override just a few parts of an existing theme in the thread Example for implementing IThemeProvider

Best regards,

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Hi Jane,

Sure, the themes are just Xaml control templates. We don’t publish them or show how to modify because the control template internals can change between one release and another. Customising backgrounds, axis gridlines or text labels is quite easy though.

What do you want to do?

Best regards,


Take a look at this example:

This shows how to style certain elements. If all you want to do is a background change, or change text colours it should be possible by overriding the various setters.

  • JaneZ
    Thanks Andrew, I have got some ideas from using that sample. One thing I like to do is: I want the chart to show number of less grid line between major grid lines. Another thing is, i am using a DateTimeAxis x axis and NumericAxis Y axis, the Y axis is from -50% to 50%, I like to put a green line at the 0%. What should be done in order to accomplish that? Thanks, Jane
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