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I am using an old version of Scichart

Mainly I have no issue but I need an advice .

I am rendering scatter series and heatmap series and I don’t want to face performance issues. So as far as I knew I am able to render unsorted data , but internally does the Scichart do any sorting algorithm for this data ? by mean does Scichart order the data internally in anyway?

Since I am afraid to lose time when having millions of records to be rendered in realtime.
And do you suggest to sort the data before sending it to Scichart and how may this help us? because I am rendering single point and I don’t get it why do I need to sort the data for better performance ?

in addition , if you are sorting inside your library is there anyway to skip these sorting algorithms?
I appreciate if you can explain !

Thank you in advance

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Gabriel, I believe we spoke on support tickets and your support subscription has expired, please contact your purchaser or manager and get in touch to renew in order to be able to access tech support! Best regards, Andrew
  • multilane Inc
    Hello andrew , I got your message exactly as you said ,but I was chatting later with someone who asked me to write my question in the forums in this section and he sent me this link also, since I have an old version and I am trialing the new one v6 and I need to decide whether to get it or not . So the explanation to this question is valuable for me and will help me make my decision. would be nice if you can help.
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Hi Gabriel,

I am sorry for the late reply.
We recommend sorting the data in X-direction. This is not mandatory, but several key algorithms such as HitTest, Indexing, and Resampling require the data to be sorted in the X-direction for optimum performance. With unsorted data, SciChart will still render, however it will use vastly inferior algorithms.
Please take a look at the following documentation article for more info:

Hope this helps.

With best regards,

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