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ZoomPanModifier Stretches or Zooms at edges of Chart

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Is there a way to add an option to enable/disable scaling on the X-axis for the ZoomPanModifier? If not, is there a way to disable the scaling when panning beyond the min and max of the X-Axis?



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Hi Johnny,

I’m not sure I understood you correctly, but you can control ZoomPanModifier’s scaling behavior via the ZoomExtentsY property (scaling in Y direction) and the ClipModeX property(determines pan behavior on the edges, can apply values from the ClipMode enumeration).

ClipMode Enumeration Values

  • ClipAtExtents: ClipAtExtents forces the panning operation to stop suddenly at the extents of the data
  • ClipAtMax: ClipAtMax forces the panning operation to stop suddenly at the maximum of the data, but expand at the minimum
  • ClipAtMin: ClipAtMin forces the panning operation to stop suddenly at the minimum of the data, but expand at the maximum
  • None: ClipMode.None means you can pan right off the edge of the data into uncharted space.
  • StretchAtExtents: ClipMode.StretchAtExtents causes a zooming (stretch) action when you reach the edge of the data.

Please, let us know if it helps you to configure ZoomPanModifier’s behavior properly.

Best regards,

  • johnnyp112
    ClipModeX="None" was what I needed. Thanks Yuriy!
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