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Don't change Z-Order of selected series

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I have several BandRenderableSeriesViewModel in my chart that the user can click on to select. The issue is that they pop up into the foreground when selected and hide everything else that is now behind them. Is there a way to keep them where they are upon selection?

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Hi Dominik,

While it is possible to change the Z-Order of series in SciChart, by default the selected series always have a higher Z-Order. This is by design, as if we did not do this, it would be possible to have a selected series obscured by other series.

What you could do to give your users a better user experience, is to use a Selected Series Style to give the selected series a lower opacity or lower fill opacity (in case of mountain or column series). This would bring them to the front, but also allow you to see the series underneath.

Let me know if this helps,

Best regards

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