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Error in Stacked Column Chart when one data series has no data

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Current, I am working an WPF application which using SciChart to draw many charts including a Stacked column chart.
In my case, there are many StackedColumnRenderableSeries in a chart, one of them has less data points then others do and this chart will be rendered incorrectly in a strange way, espcially when I zoomed in and panned it.
You can get source code for my example project from attached files.

Have anybody ever got this issue before?

What is the best way to resolve it?

Thank you for your support!

The last data series has 1 data point
The last data series has no data point
The last data series has no data point (after zooming)

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Hi there,

Thanks for your request. Concerning the stacked series, they must have the same XValues and the same number of data points. So if you want to have an empty series, you could:

  • hide it, setting IsVisible to False on a corresponding StackedColumnRenderableSeries

  • have double.NaNs as Y values for every XValue in a DataSeries. This is a special value reserved in SciChart to specify that you want to skip a point.

Please let us know if this helps!

Best Regards,

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