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We create a surface in code and use ExportToFile() to embed it in a printable document.
All well and fast.

But, after changing region settings from en-us to de-de this Method takes ALL memory an the Machine and causes out of memory issues and virtually halts the machine.

We tried our code on different machines and the behavior was always the same.

Has anybody similar experiences? Or even a solution đŸ™‚

Otto Gierling

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Good Answer

It was our code.
We use this line

internal static readonly double DefaultLandscapeWidth = (double)new LengthConverter().ConvertFrom("24.5cm");

using different CultureInfos this renders to

  • en-us 1851.9685039370077
  • de-de 18519.685039370077

the same for height…

So the image gets quite a bit larger then expected.

Thanks (sometimes it helps to formulate a problem to somebody not involved đŸ˜‰

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