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FEA results to be displayed in 3D Graph

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I try to Display FEA results in a 3D Graph. My first solution is to use the ScatterRenderableSeries3D and use cubic PointMarkers. This already works fine, if I set the size (pointScale) of them and the world dimensions in the same Ratio as the coordinates of the dispalyed objects.

At the moment I use “WorldDimensions=”1000,200,1000″” and I have object that use the range 0<x<100, 0<y<20 and 0<z<100. If I have data that exceeds this range, the cube intersect.

My questions are:
Is there a possibility to set the axis to an equal scale that is always the same or do I have to set this via Code when I know the Minimum and Maximum values for the data?
Is it possible to get the pointScale that is necessary to have closed surfaces?
Is there another way to display such values with SciChart in a better way?

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Fabian, its difficult to visualize what you hope to achieve – can you share an image of expected vs. actual? Thanks!
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See the attached file, this one works because all values for WorldDimensions are suitable for the values of the bars in the pic.

The next files are how it Looks like with other WorldDimensions and with a pointScale, that is not suitable.

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