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Flickering chart

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I’m combining two examples. The fixed scrolling as in this example and using the simplest solution of updating the visiblerange.

And the custom scrolling with many series as here:

My chart data is updating at 100 ms and when I hold a handle of the scrollbar the chart starts flickering. Somehow I can’t seem to understand the source of this flickering.

In the Realtime Ticking Stock Charts a similar, though somewhat less, behavior is present. If I let the example run in realtime for a couple of minutes, then select a part of the data with the scrollbar and then hold the ‘end handle’ of the scrollbar for a while there sometimes is a similar flicker. I don’t really know how I trigger it, just let the chart run and change the visible range, release, hold the end handle, wait 10 seconds for the flicker, if it doesn’t come, repeat.

Anyone knows the source & solution?


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Best Answer

The most common cause of flicker in SciChart WPF is the use of the DirectX Renderer plugin and some older video card hardware.

DirectX mode is enabled by default in the SciChart WPF Examples Suite, and must be enabled explictly in your own applications. If you witness flicker in your applications and are using DirectX, then try the steps below to resolve.

  1. In the WPF Examples app, simply select the settings (Gear) icon, click ‘Enable Alternative Fill Source’.

  2. If that does not work, try checking the second option ‘Enable Force wait for GPU’.

enter image description here

These two options use an alternative path for filling the WPF UIElement with DirectX content and can resolve flicker on older video hardware.

If you are seeing the flicker in your own application and are using DirectX, then you can apply the same flags programmatically. Use the following code somewhere in your app initialization.

// For 2D Charts with DirectX, enable UseAlternativeFillSource
Direct3D11RenderSurface.UseAlternativeFillSource = true;

// If that doesn't work, enable Force Wait for GPU
Direct3D11RenderSurface.EnableForceWaitForGPU = true;

// For 3D Charts, you can do the same 
Viewport3D.UseAlternativeFillSource = true;

// And optionally, if the above does not work
Viewport3D.ForceStallUntilGPUIsIdle = true;

These steps resolve the majority of problems with flicker in SciChart WPF.

If these helped, please remember to up-vote!

Best regards,

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