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Follow up from Stacking mountain plots on stacked y axes bug

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Sorry if this isn’t the best way to post this but I wasn’t sure what was a better approach. I made this post last week:
I have created a test project which reproduces the issue, it is attached

Edit: I’ve uploaded a second attempt at sharing the test project

  • Lex
    Hi Malcolm, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the shared file is not accessible. This can be due to the file size. Could you please check whether the ‘bin’, ‘obj’, and ‘packages’ folders have been deleted? This should significantly reduce the .zip size. You can also resend the modified .zip file as a reply to the current forum post. Thanks in advance, Lex, SciChart Technical Support Engineer
  • Malcolm Geddes
    I tried to post the zip again as an answer here, not sure if that went through though
  • Lex
    Hi Malcolm, Thank you, the file is uploaded correctly now. I am going to investigate the shared project and will get back to you as soon as I have an update. Kind regards, Lex
  • Lex
    Hi Malcolm, Hope you are doing well. I am sorry for the late response. Please be informed that the reported issue has been forwarded to our developers for further investigation. We’ll get you informed regarding the investigation progress. Kind regards, Lex
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Here’s my attempt at trying to reupload the project

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