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Gaps in chart lines when using palette provider

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Hello again!
I’m creating fastlinerenderableseries and I need to show only one part of this line. For this purpose I’m using palette provider. But there is a strange side effect: when I set transparent color for line segment, it also paints lines on the chart (see pictures below-1 before switching on segment painting, 2 – after).
How can I fix it.

Thanks in advance
P.S. I ‘ve also attached project below.

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Hi Egor,

Thank you for reporting this. Please let me log it for investigation. We will get back to you after it,

Best regards,

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Hello Egor,

Thank you for reporting us about this issue. We’ve found the problem and fixed it.
Could you please try out the latest build # and let us know if the issue still exists?
You can get it via NuGet, follow this link to get more details

Thank you ahead,

Warm regards,

Yaroslav P.
SciChart Developer

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