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Heatmap with conditional color palette

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I am rendering a HeatMap on WPF page using FastUniformHeatmapRenderableSeries which has 3 axes X, Y and Z. The Z values are represented with colors by defining the color palette and gradients. This works perfectly. Now there a need to define color palette in such a way that it will get applied to different parts of the map based on min and max value at that area of the map. To elaborate more, the Z values are basically representing peaks at different areas. So there can be multiple peaks distributed on the map.

What I need is that the top-most part of each peak should be shown in red color and then going down till its base with change in color like orange, yellow, green and blue based on certain range in %. The point to note here is, every peak can have its own min and max values. Peak 1 can start from Z=15 and end at Z=48 and peak 2 can start from Z=3 and end at Z=20. So the colors in the palette should get distributed equally for both these peaks. Top-most area of peak 1 and that of peak 2 should be having same color.
Is this possible in heat map? having say a conditional color palette based on multiple value ranges?

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