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Our current graphs have an additional data series to highlight the 0, or break-even line. How can I do that using SciChart without adding a data series (which would be included in the rollover feedback)?

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UPDATE: Using Annotations feature (v1.5 and greater).

Using the Annotations Feature a zero line can be achieved with the following XAML on a chart:

    <!-- Draws Bands behind an axis. Assumes there is a YAxis with ElementName myAxis -->
    <s:BoxAnnotation CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=myAxis}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName= myAxis}" Background="#11000000" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>

    <!-- Draws the zero lines for an axis. Assumes AxisId of the YAxis is myAxisId -->
    <s:HorizontalLineAnnotation Y1="0" YAxisId="myAxisId" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" StrokeThickness="1" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>

This technique is demonstrated in the Vertically Stacked Axis example.

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