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How do you rotate x-axis labels in code?

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From reading the material on the site I know how to do what I want to do in xaml:

    <Style x:Key="AxisLabelStyle" TargetType="s:DefaultTickLabel">
    <Setter Property="RenderTransform">
            <RotateTransform Angle="30"/>
    <Setter Property="HorizontalAnchorPoint" Value="Left"/>

Now however my chart will be using two diffrent x-axis, one numeric and one with date and time. Both axis are defined in code:

            _xAxisNum = new NumericAxis

        _xAxisDat = new DateTimeAxis

        sciChartSurface.XAxis = _xAxisDat;

What code must I add to my x-axes to get the same result as the xaml above accomplishes? Or can I achieve what I want with a LabelProvider?

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Best Answer

Hi Tomas,

While we recommend you create your styles in XAML and follow the MVVM pattern where possible, you can still do this in code-behind.

Please take a look at this stackoverflow post on How to create a style in Code Behind.

Also this post Implicit styles in Application.Resources shows an alternative way to apply styles globally to all classes of a specific type.

Finally, I would recommend that you use LayoutTransform, not RenderTransform, as this will affect the layout of the axis labels and prevent them from being sized incorrectly.

Best regards,

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Thank you! That did the trick.

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