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I tested your 100million points tech demo and there was some weird fps showing component, which shows only pushed data rate to surface not actual FPS of that surface.

and i registered to Rendered event which shows same shit…

So where i can get actual FPS of that surface?

another question. how i turn off that “column” packing or what shit is down sampling is on in that demo. because if i push min to max – max to min data there it makes those blocks and does not show all the data, like it drops with 10million points setting 9.99 million points off in screen and only shows ~100-200 gigantic blocks….

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Hey, welcome to SciChart.

Firstly, watch your language please. This is a professional public forum.

Second – the FPS Control is shipped with our examples, it does affect FPS (it reduces it slightly) but gives some good diagnostics. You can see how it is used here.

WPF Chart Load 1Million Points Instantly

enter image description here

Lastly, not sure what you mean about “because if i push min to max – max to min data there it makes those blocks and does not show all the data”. Perhaps it’s worth to open another question with an image of expected vs. actual result & what code you’ve tried?

Best regards,

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Sorry for language it frustrates a bit to trying to solve problems whats not so obvious.

i checked that FPS calculator control and it seems it counts most like overall FPS from start and lag FPS behind for some time… running software longer shows most like more accurate FPS.

i put Resample to NONE and it still resamples first full x axis length, and gives “good” good fps in first but when it takes more data to it fps drops dramatically, below usefully working rate.

And that min to max i just edited your random generator to put first -1 and next +1 value and so on continuously which showed that resampling even it was set to NONE, it looks like it resamples first image and after those it try’s to put values with out resampling.

In my project i cannot use resampled data/image in any circumstance, and that -1 +1 -1 +1….. first shows flat line before it push data in the very end of that visible range, and if i show flat line in ECG software you know whats happen in that time…

So is there some other attribute what i can set, so surface does not Resample in any circumstance?

Best regards

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