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how to connect my data to chart?

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Now I’m making 2D line chart, using example file.

but I want to make a chart from my data. I have a data file.

Unfoltunately, I don’t know how to connect my data with source code.

please let me know the solution.

  • How to connect my data and source code(2D Line chart example code)?
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SciChart expects a list of XValues and YValues as double arrays. When you construct an XyDataSeries in SciChart you use this syntax:

double[] xValues = ...
double[] yValues = ...
var dataSeries = new XyDataSeries<double, double>();
dataSeries.Append(xValues, yValues);

See Tutorial on working with Series and Data for more info.

Your data file is Excel, you will have to read that Excel file and convert into double array for XValues and a double array for YValues.

So, search for some ways to load Excel files and you should have your solution

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