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How to de-gradient bubbles in a bubble chart

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I want the bubbles in my bubble chart to be one color with no gradient, and I also want to color the border line. How can I do this?

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I found the answer on my own. I solved it by using PaletteProvider and IPointMarkerPaletteProvider.

public class CustomPaletteProvider : IPointMarkerPaletteProvider
private XyzDataSeries<DateTime, double, double> _theSourceData;

public void OnBeginSeriesDraw(IRenderableSeries series)
_theSourceData = (XyzDataSeries<DateTime, double, double>)series.DataSeries;

public PointPaletteInfo? OverridePointMarker(
IRenderableSeries rSeries,
int index,
IPointMetadata metadata)
PointPaletteInfo info = new PointPaletteInfo();
info.Stroke = Colors.Gray;

return info;

  • Lex
    • Lex
    • 3 months ago
    Hi Sungchul, Please accept my apologies for the late reply. We’re glad you’ve found a solution! We had a quick look at the provided details, and we can suggest a small optimization for this approach. Instead of creating a new PointPaletteInfo for each point you could create a single instance and return it instead. Additionally, we have logged this in our tracking system and will think of the ways to improve this in SciChartSources With best regards, Lex SciChart Technical Support Engineer
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