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How to define RolloverMarkerTemplate when using SeriesBinding

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I need to set the style of the ellipse on my VerticalSliceModifier (and make it a custom color etc)

                <s:VerticalSliceModifier ShowTooltipOn="Never" Foreground="White" Name="sliceModifier">
                        <s:VerticalLineAnnotation X1="{Binding Number}" Style="{StaticResource sliceStyle}" />

However my series is created in code as a MountainRenderableSeriesViewModel and bound to the chart via SeriesBinding

        RenderableSeries="{s:SeriesBinding Series}"
        Annotations="{s:AnnotationsBinding Annotations}">

All the examples I’ve seen use the RolloverMarkerTemplate and define it under as a child node under BaseRenderableSeries or FastLineRenderableSeries, but I cannot find how to assign this to a series when it is defined in a ViewModel and assigned as above.

I’m new to SciChart and any help on this would be great.

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Hi Niamh,

Check out this worked example on how to apply a style to a series when using MVVM.

You can use this method to apply a RolloverMarkerTemplate to a series when using SeriesBinding.

Let me know if this helps!

Best regards,

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