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How to prevent overlapping in FastColumnRenderableSeries

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Hi everyone,

I have the column chart as the image below. However, they overlap each other when I don’t set the DataWidthPoint.
If I set the DataWidthPoint = 0.2 the chart is ok but in another circumstance the width column is quite small.
Are there any way to add some spacing between columns in FastColumnRenderableSeries .



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Hi there,

Can you try the property FastColumnRenderableSeries.UseUniformWidth?

This forces all columns to be of the same width. Use in conjunction with DataPointWidth to set width of a column to a fraction of available space.

Best regards,

  • Quan Tran
    Hi Andrew, I set FastColumnRenderableSeries.UseUniformWidth = true but it doesn’t work.
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Hi Quan,

Unfortunately, there is no way to add spacing between columns for now.

The only options available is either to set DataPointWidth or re-write the implementation of FastColumnRenderableSeries.

Also, we’ve got an example showing how to override the FastColumnRenderableSeries to allow setting a column width in pixels. This may be better in your case than setting a relative size via DataPointWidth. If you are interested, please let us know and we will send it to you.

Best regards,

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