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LabelProvider DateTime - Need hint

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I would like to modify the DateTimeAxis to have the date shown static below the time.
Currently I can’t figure out how to code something like that.

The basic idea is to have the date label

a) on the left and right of the date axis and moving with midnight
b) as bar below the time stamp

Is it possible to modify the DateTimeAxis to achieve both use cases?

To visualize, what I’m trying to achieve find some mocks below (neglect the time, midnight just moved to 18:19:30 :-))

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Great Answer

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your question.
It’s not possible with DateTimeAxis but you can try using DoubleScaleDiscontinuousDateTimeAxis. Please take a look at our example at SciChart.Wpf.Examples GitHub repository:

Please also see a screenshot attached below.

  • Martin Hanke
    Hi, thanks alot! this looks like exactly what I was trying to achieve. Need to adopt it to my project, but I think this is doable with your referenced example. Thanks alot
  • Oleksandr Shvets
    Hi Martin, Thanks for your reply. I’m glad this helps! If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.
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