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I am working with Wpf on window.

I have defined a legend modifier with a template.

                        LegendItemTemplate="{DynamicResource TopDownLegendTemplate}"

Always, when the chart is rendered, the legend is not (see legendOff.PNG)

Most times, after some chart updates (e.g by moving a slider that affects the data displayed), the legend comes back on (see legendOn.PNG)

Always, when the legend is rendered, then it will stay rendered.

A similar code is elsewhere in my project and does not give this problem so I can’t say for sure it is a bug. It certainly is an unexpected behavior.

Another piece of useful information is that my template uses a converter in the xaml code. I have put a breakpoint in this converter and verified the code is not being called (hence nothing is trying to render the legend) when the chart is rendered.

Any idea?

  • Andrew
    Hi there, can I ask you to try a few things please? 1.) Update to the latest v3 version (v3.6.1). Does the problem still occur? 2.) Remove your LegendItemTemplate temporarily. Does the problem still occur? 3.) Do you see any binding errors in the Visual Studio output window?
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