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I’ve been trying to add a FastLineRenderableSeries in conjunction with PolarXAxis and PolarYAxis.

The series draws “arcs” between each data point. Is there a way to flatten the series to draw only straight lines? I just feel confused since if I add a FastLineRenderableSeries I would expect lines.

I attach an image just in case.

Thank you.


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Great Answer

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your question. Polar Chart uses polar coordinates system, so data points are being interpreted as polar coordinates, i.e. angular coordinate and radial coordinate.

So all the points with different angle are going to be connected with arcs. There is no way to overcome this behavior.

Best regards,

  • Sebastian de Ugarriza
    Thank you very much Yuriy. I would like to suggest the implementation of it, or maybe directly provide a Radar Chart in the future. If you look through the web, it is a very common scenario for charting. Best regards, Sebastian
  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Hi Sebastian, thanks for your comment. Actually, we are working on Radar Chart at the moment. But it won’t support this scenario I’m afraid. It allows placing data-points on Y (radial) axes only, not in between. Also, there won’t be any zoom/pan modifiers. So please let me log this requirement of yours and we will consider improving our polar chart to support this use-case.
  • Oliver Nowakowski
    Hello and sorry for asking this after 4 years, but was this requirement implemented? We want to connect the y-values in our polar chart with straight lines to show the anisotropy of a pattern in an image and the default curved lines look completely wrong in this instance.
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