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More than one stroke thickness on a single series

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I saw in the examples where a “gain” and “loss” affected the color of a series. This took a bit of time; however, I figured out was you were doing and was able to implement it.

Please see the attached image. There are 2 sections in my series that are “Green” whereas the remainder of the series is gray. I’d like to be able to do 2 things ONLY to the green area.

  • Show point markers ONLY on the points in the green area.
  • Increase the stroke thickness.
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Best Answer

Hi Chris,

A single series can have multiple colors via the PaletteProvider API (+Documentation)

A single series can only have a single StrokeThickness, however there is nothing stopping you from having two series, one with StrokeThickness=1 and one with StrokeThickness=2 and using the feature of double.NaN to draw gaps in the series

Similarly, to show pointmarkers at some places and not others, simply have another ScatterSeries with the X,Y points you want to show.

If you would really like to do all the above in a single series, it is also possible using the Custom Series API, however the above is simpler.

Best regards,

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