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Need to create a standard oil industry depth track

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I have attached a picture showing what a depth track looks like (circled in red). The depth track takes the place of an X axis. In the picture the depth track is between a geology track above, and a normal log track below. Usually one depth track serves as the x axis for multiple plots, which are referred to as tracks.

I think that SciChart elements can be modified to produce this, but I am not sure where to start. Should I consider the depth track as just a plot with no curves and with the tick marks and x axis on the inside, or should I start with an independent x axis enclosed in a box?

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Hi Stephen,

I’m interested to understand this requirement a bit more. Some of our customers have implemented things like this (I’ve seen screenshots, but I don’t know how they’ve done it).

If I had to guess, I’d assume that they declare a SciChartSurface with XAxis and invisible YAxis so that just the axis is visible.

Also, when I’ve seen these sorts of screenshots they usually appear vertical (see our Vertical Charts feature).

You can place anything inside the central area of the chart. Just add a UIElement to the SciChartSurface.ModifierSurface.Children collection (it’s a canvas, place it using Canvas.SetLeft, Canvas.SetTop properties).

Does that help?

Best regards,

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The chart I showed is typical of those used to display data taken while logging wells. The charts may be displayed vertically or horizontally, depending on purpose. My group is focused on taking data while drilling horizontal wells, therefore the horizontal orientation. I am developing an application that provides numerical simulations of this type of data, and I would like to deliver a UI that provides plots similar to our existing applications.

The graphics libraries used by our existing applications can be very difficult to use. One implementation is MFC, another requires royalty payments so we only use it for one or two applications that generate large revenues. We have some applications using WinForms libraries that are in the public domain, but we are not allowed to put anything that uses public domain on customer computers. Which can be a problem when customers want to play with our research software.

I chose SciChart because I knew learning how to use your library would be much easier then trying to use what was available at my company. So far I have been successful at making some nice charts, but I want to take it to the next level. I would like to develop a DLL, built around SciChart, that will provide an interface allowing users to manage multiple tracks displaying potentially dozens of curves. We have several small applications that could use this capability. If I can make the plots look like standard logs then the scientists here will take notice.

I will look at your suggestions for modifying a chart.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Ok thanks. If you want to bounce some ideas around please do. This can also help us as other people will want to develop the same. Best regards, Andrew
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