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Not all chart panes zoom correctly

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I have a TabControl that contains a dynamic number of chart panes via an ItemsControl. Inside the ItemsControl’s ItemsTemplate is a single ScichartSurface with bindings to the RenderableSeries, XAxis, YAxes, and VerticalChartGroup.

The xaml looks something like this:

<s:SciChartSurface name="Chart" RenderableSeries="{Binding rSeries}" XAxis={Binding xAxis} YAxes={Binding yAxes} s:SciChartGroup.VerticalChartGroup="{Binding vGroup}">

Within the surface, I have a ModifierGroup that contains (in order) a RubberbandXyZoomModifier (XAxisOnly), MouseWheelZoomModifier, ZoomPanModifier, ZoomExtentsModifier, and a custom mod call TimeSegmentSelectionModifier. All of these modifiers have their ReceiveHandledEvents property set to True, they are all under the same MouseEventGroup, and they all seem to work fine under normal circumstances.

Note: The Rubberband and TimeSegment modifiers are inversely set to Enabled. Meaning, only one of them functions at a time.

My issue is primarily with the RubberBand Mod:

Let’s say I have 5 chart panes being displayed and I want to zoom in; If I click and drag within the 3rd chart, every chart zooms correctly.
If I click withing the 3rd chart, drag the mouse outside of that chart (anywhere else on my screen) and let go, then only charts 1, 2, and 3 are zoomed correctly. Charts 4 and 5 won’t budge and act as if I had merely zoomed to extents.

This happens with any number of chart panes and the issue occurs on whatever pane I happened to be zooming in on.

I’ve been troubleshooting this issue for a few days now and I don’t know where else to look.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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