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I’m having an issue with my charting application using a lot of memory after a few hours of use (2-3 hours). I ran ANTS Memory Profiler and one of the classes that stand out by growing substantially between snapshots is AxisMarkerAnnotation, plus a bunch of WPF-related classes (WeakDependencySource, EffectiveValueEntry[], etc).

My working scenario is running between 5-6 charts (1-minute candlestick, so not a huge amount of data is added to the charts, plus they have historical data for 1 day, so in total we are talking about 2000 data points per chart. The most strange part is that I’m not interacting with the charts while they are running, I have them in another screen and look at them from time to time, so the modifiers for the chart are barely used.

I’m totally clueless what could be happening. I’m no expert in WPF (learning as I go) so I could be doing some stuff incorrectly. I included a picture of my typical work scenario, plus the xaml+cs files for my ChartWindow and the cs file of my viewmodel.

I would appreciate immensely if you can have a look at it and point to possible pitfalls in there. If needed I could include the full project in a following post.

Thanks, Diego.

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