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Hi, SciChart team.
Our users wat to see graphics in real-time mode. It means that chart must contain point for last 10 minutes, chart contains several graphics, each graphic update at random moments. Points older than 10 minutes must be removed.

Approximation for this situation is FIFO data series. But there is one problem I do not know count of data points. For example graphic can be updated 100 times in one minute, and only 1 time in other minute.

Thereby I am remove old points manually with IXyDataSeries.RemoveAt() method. After removing I am call ZoomExtents method for update visible data range, and I get a issue. ZoomExtents do not hide period where points were removed. It show time range for graphic where point were not removed.

I need help.

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Hi Kirill,

Are you removing points from all series? How many series are there on your chart when you add/remove points.

I assume you are using SciChartSurface.XAxis.AutoRange = true?

Best regards,

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