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Move the RolloverModifier with the Keyboard / Mouse Left Button Down

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I only want to move the RolloverModifier if the left mouse button is pressed and with Left and Right Keys?

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Hi Daniel,

I’m afraid we don’t support moving the rollover line by key-press, but we do have a rich Custom ChartModifier API where you can create or customise your own ChartModifiers.

I recommend having a look at Custom ChartModifiers – Part 1 – Creating a Custom Rollover Modifier as well as the second part of this article Zooming In / Out on Key Presses as this may give some inspiration.

Alternatively, you may find it better to use our built in VerticalSliceModifier to display a ‘rollover line’ and then subscribe to key presses on the parent window to move it (update its position) instead of use a Rollover line.

Hope this helps. If you find a good solution, please post it below so it can help others!

Best regards,

  • Daniel Hartl
    Thanks, but i'm not able to trigger any event of the sciChart or ChartModifier. Is the Chart focusable?? If yes, how can i trigger GotFocus,etc..
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Daniel, it's a known issue that the chart cannot accept Key events. We have it in our backlog. For now, I'd suggest taking a look at the Zooming In / Out on Keypresses sample above, which subscribes to events in the parent window
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