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RolloverModifier & VerticalSliceModifier MVVM Binding

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Hi Sci Chart,

I am using WPF with MVVM.

What i want to achieve is by reading the rollover modifier current hit point data, when user click left click, i want to add VerticalSliceModifier in the graph based on the hit point.

Attach is my code from xaml and viewmodel.

I have two issues which are:
“if (DistanceSeriesData.SeriesInfo.Count > 0)”, i always get zero count of seriesinfo.

In DistanceVerticalLines?.Add(new VerticalLineAnnotation(), the added Distance Vertical Lines data did not reflect in graph.

  • Chee Wei Liu
    Urgently need answer for this, hope Sci Chart can help. Thanks!
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Chee Wei, why do you need to read the rollover data to place a vertical line. Do you mean simply that you want to place a VerticalSliceModifier Vertical Line on mouse click? Can you provide a full example (that we can compile and run) that isolates this problem and some clear instructions how to reproduce + what you would like? Thank you,
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