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Running in Linux?

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As the topic asks: is this able to run in linux? or has anybody gotten this to run under Linux or android?

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Good Answer

Hi everyone

It’s cool that people are asking about Linux on this old forum thread!

SciChart (as of July 2023) currently targets the following platforms

  • WPF, with c# .net or netCore or .NET 6/7
  • IOS via swift or objective-c
  • Android via java or Kotlin
  • Javascript or typescript via our WebGL Webassembly powered charts

My recommendation today would be to consider our Javascript charts in an electron application or Qt WebView as they can target any platform.

Future support of Native Linux

In the future, it is entirely possible that we can target Linux natively, making SciChart available via c++ or Qt. This is made possibly by our tech stack which leverages our in-house c++ graphics engine and which I talk about in this thread, however, this comes down to commercial viability.

Support via Avalonia

We are in talks right now with Avalonia XPF. They have made a cross-platform substitute for WPF which allows any existing WPF app to target Windows, Linux and macOS without code changes. We believe we are able to make SciChart WPF compatible with this framework, meaning that you could use our WPF charts and target multi platforms.

Seeking customer feedback

My question to reader is:

  • do you want scichart in Linux?
  • what is your project or service you are building
  • Are you willing to sign preorder forms committing to purchasing licenses if we build it
  • Or, are you willing to sponsor the development of scichart for Linux through paid consultancy work?

If the answer to the last two questions is yes, please upvote this question and/or get in touch!

Best regards

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HISTORICAL ANSWER. Applies to SciChart Silverlight, which sadly went ex-support when Microsoft discontinued it. See further discussions below about SciChart.js and the tech-stack of SciChart which could allow it to work on Linux

Hello Rippie,

SciChart can run in browser on any platform(Linux, Mac OSX, Windows but not Android) so long as the development is done in Silverlight and end-user has the Silverlight plugin. However, we don’t natively compiled to these operating systems.

Could you give us more info about what are you going to do? We will be glad to help and answer to any questions.

Best regards,

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Update: this is an old answer which applies to scichart silverlight, now ex support. See my answer below about possible solutions in 2023
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I see this is an old thread. Is the answer above still the case? Does anyone use it on Linux?

Thank you,

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We have a need to port our existing WPF software to Linux, which uses SciChart Wpf. Currently, we are looking at the Avalonia framework or the Uno framework for this. Both of these frameworks allow .NET code to be reused. Avalonia is compatible with WPF and Uno is compatible with WinUI.

Due to customer requirements, we cannot utilize the web browser for this software.

Has anyone tried using these frameworks with SciChart?

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