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Same Width for 2 (or more) FastColumnRenderableSeries Bars.

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Hi There,

I have 2 FastColumnRenderableSeries, one of which has 4 points and the 2nd has 2 points in dataseries.
Please see the attached image.
Is there a way to make all the columns have the same width ?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Harut,

Thanks for your inquiry.
You can set the DataPointWidthMode property to Absolute to use the same column width in pixels set to the DataPointWidth property of both Could Series.
More details can be found in the “Specifying Column Width” of the following documentation article:
SciChart WPF 2D Charts: The Column Series Type

Hope this helps.

With best regards,
Lex S., MSEE
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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