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Scatter Chart- Grid Layout

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I am new to this App, and also to Android Studio, however, I am using the trial version of Scichart. 2D graph, Scatter Plot.
I want change the Grid Rows and Columns, also How do I change the Data I want to display on the Screen, Also the Amount of Data.
I wish to display only one point at a Time !!

Right Now, I am displaying the Data on Windows Platform, But later I Want to port the same to Smartphone, Android Platform.

Help Appreciated ?!!

Windows 10 Pro
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Hi Sahana,

I’m really not sure what you need (its not clear from the question, some screenshots would help?), however, let me point you in the direction of our excellent SciChart WPF Tutorials on our Getting Started Guide:

  1. WPF Chart Tutorial 01 – Referencing SciChart DLLs (5 minutes)
  2. WPF Chart Tutorial 02 – Creating a SciChartSurface (5 minutes)
  3. WPF Chart Tutorial 03 – Adding Series to a Chart (5 minutes)
  4. WPF Chart Tutorial 04 – Adding Zooming, Panning Behavior (10 minutes)
  5. WPF Chart Tutorial 05 – Adding Tooltips and Legends (10 minutes)
  6. WPF Chart Tutorial 06 – Adding Realtime Updates (15 minutes) uses some features from SciChart v4.2
  7. WPF Chart Tutorial 07 – Adding Annotations (10 minutes)
  8. WPF Chart Tutorial 08 – Adding Multiple Axis (10 minutes)
  9. WPF Chart Tutorial 09 – Linking Multiple Charts (15 minutes)

Also, if you need specific examples of how to use the Scatter Series, please see

  1. Scatter Series Documentation
  2. Scatter Series Example

Best regards,

  • Sahana Waikar
    I want a custom grid layout. With x axis and y axis . 4 quadrants.And in the graph I wAnt to display a point P(x,y) from a log file continuously as the data is updated in the log file. Additionally some numerical n text value both static and dynamic are to be displayed. Need inputs on how this can be done. Thanks Sbw
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    I’m not sure what you mean by a ‘custom grid layout with 4 quadrants’. I would be very grateful if you could provide a screenshot when asking questions as it makes it easier to understand!
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