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Dear all,

I have a chart which is supposed to display the data as xyScatter points. For that I am building the series as below :

return new XyScatterRenderableSeriesViewModel
                DataSeries = xyDataSeries,
                PointMarker = new EllipsePointMarker()
                    Width = 2,
                    Height = 2,
                    Fill = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Blue).Color


When doins this I am suppoyed to see a nice circle point to be display at each measure but instead I have lines when I zoom in .
See picture attached

Any idea why ?

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    Let me exaplin more how it happens. Our data are based on sample number and value for each sample. In X axes we have only integer values. X axis type is Numeric. At first by using it like this we notice that if we zoom deepper on data it happens that chart X scale happen to show decimal as X labels even if our data are integer. Our custo,er would like to see only Interger value on X scale. So to prevent that we have used TextFormat on X axis in order o not show decimal at all. That initially worked but if we zoom depper and deeper it happen that on X axis I could have 2 same label and due to that when my grap is render as XYScatter it draws a line between the 2 ticks even if it is teh same point. Will try to build a small sample
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Hi there,

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this issue in our examples. It looks to me that it’s your data that makes points appear like that. Please re-check it and if you believe it isn’t in your code, please create a small example that reproduce the issue and send it to us.

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