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Are there any SciChart WPF 3.6 tutorials available? I looked on GitHub and only saw v4 and v5 tutorials and examples. I just started a new job with a company that only has v3.6 licensed.

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Hi Kevin

I’m afraid not. We only created Tutorials as of SciChart v4 onwards.

There are still a large number of examples for SciChart v3 included in the SciChart v3.x Installer. You can find these in your start menu by typing ‘SciChart WPF’ after installing the SciChart WPF v3.x Installer. The full source code for the SciChart v3.x examples is also installed to %Current User%/AppData/Local/SciChart SDK

Please let me know if this helps.

Best regards,

  • Kevin Miller
    Hi, Andrew. Thanks for your reply. I saw the examples and they are somewhat helpful, but I like tutorials because they show the process of developing the solution in addition to the solution itself. – Kevin
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Kevin, I’m glad to hear you like the tutorials! I am sorry to report though we won’t be developing them for v3.x of SciChart… We will update the tutorials for future releases however. Best regards, Andrew
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