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Series line not visible in Tutorial 03B

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I’m new to SciChart and have been following the tutorial provided by SciChart (SciChart WPF 2D Charts > Tutorials > MVVM). Took me hours to make it through the first step in Tutorial 02b – Creating a SciChartSurface with MVVM due to namespace typo in the tutorial, and again I’m now stuck at the very second step.

I cannot replicate the result in Tutorial 03b – Adding Series to a Chart with MVVM. No error found in the output, no binding error whatsoever, but the line is not visible. Also see the attached image comparing what it should look like in the tutorial and what mine looks like.

The project is a direct copy and paste from the tutorial except for the names. I have also cross checked against the code in GitHub. I’ve attached the project as a zip with the bin and obj folders removed.

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I ran the code in Tutorial 3b – Adding Series to a Chart in MVVM locally. I have the master branch & ran it without changes from Github.

It seems to work? Here’s a screenshot of what I see on my PC.

enter image description here

All I did was clone the repo, navigate to folder \SciChart.Wpf.Examples\Tutorials\MVVM\Tutorial 03b Adding Series to a Chart with MVVM\, open the solution in visual studio and build/run.

I also ran your local project ‘’ and it runs without problem. Here is a screenshot below. I cannot see the error that you are referring to.

enter image description here

As a debugging step can you run your application in debug mode and send us the following output in the Visual Studio Output window:

Visual Xccelerator Engine v8.0.0.27737

GPU Capability Test

Is BGRA feature required: TRUE

Examining Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU
VRAM: 3072Mb
DeviceId: 9312

Visual Xccelerator Engine Direct3D9 Compatibility

This should give us some information to debug the problem.

Finally, I cannot find the typo you’re referring to in Tutorial 02b – Creating a SciChartSurface with MVVM. Very happy to have a rapid turnaround on reported issues in the docs if you can show us where.

Best regards

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