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Hello again 🙂

I know you are all very busy, but hope you can find some short time just for a simple help (I think 🙂

How do you think I could set the style of this three annotations that I create manually ? The box for example is totally invisible after I create it , and the Vertical and Horizontal line are small lines , so I think this is related to styles.
On creation the style is set in the AnnotationCreationModifier .
I even tried to set the style there when adding to the annotations collection 🙂
any ideas?

thank you very much

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Hello Marcel,

Quick tips:

  1. Please, ensure whether you set HorizontalAlignment (Left by default, so line will be docked to left side), I think you need HorizontalAlignment = “Stretch”

  2. Please, check if X1,X2,Y1,Y2 properties have valid values assigned.

  3. Try to use object initializer syntax:

HorizontalLineAnnotation a = new HorizontalLineAnnotation
X1 = (double) b.X1 + 100,
X2 = (double) b.X2 + 100,
Y1 = (double) b.Y1 + 1,
Y2 = (double) b.Y2 + 1,
YAxisId = b.YAxisId};

Hope this will help!

Best regards,

  • Marcel
    Good morning Yuriy, thank you for your reply, yes it helps , I was looking for a style property and didnt realized those properties were directly in the object itself :) thank you and have a nice day
  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Thanks Marcel, You are welcome - we are glad to help! Best regards, Yuriy
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