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I want to show tooltips on point markers only.
I have FastMountainRenderableSeries with EllipsePointMarker. I don’t want to show tooltip on series, on PointMarker only so can’t use TooltipModifier.

I tried to add tooltip from XAML like this:

<sciChart:EllipsePointMarker sciChart:TooltipModifier.IncludeSeries="True">
        <ToolTip Padding="0">

But it is not showing.

Is it possible to achieve this?

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Best Answer

Try TooltipModifier.UseInterpolation = false. This will stop the TooltipModifier from showing tooltips between data-points.

Also set TooltipModifier.SetIncludeSeries(mountainSeries, false);

This will display tooltips on point-markers only.

You can see this property described in our TooltipModifier Documentation.

Best regards,

  • Samvel Siradeghyan
    Thanks for quick response. This solves my problem. I called TooltipModifier.SetIncludeSeries(mountainSeries, false) for all series expect on with tooltip and it is working fine.
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