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i have problem with one of your examples. I have started the SimpleLineChart. As you can see at the picture the blue line is noncontinuous at the beginning. It happens just sometimes and not always on the same place.

Could it be that my notebook is to slow?


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Hi Eggord,

It’s entirely possible, the data is generated on a timer thread, which may fire irregularly depending on how busy your computer is. SciChart only renders what you give it so if the source data is distorted then it will draw that. In our examples we’re just creating some random data for display, a far truer test of SciChart’s capabilities is to load in your own supplied data (e.g. from file, or from data acquisition card) and try to draw it.

BTW you can lower the priority of rendering (drawing) by setting the SciChartSurface.RenderPriority = RenderPriority.Low. This puts the priority of drawing below the priority of mouse input, freeing up CPU for other things if you have an underpowered laptop.

Hope this helps!


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