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Standard Theme definitions

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Can you post the style definitions for the current eight standard themes? I would like to create two new themes that are close to existing, with several color and configuration tweaks.

I understand these themes may change with later versions, but having snapshots of the 4.1 or 4.2 versions as a starting point would be a tremendous time saver.


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Hi Bill,

We can do one better than that – we can show you how to take an existing theme and just modify one color key.

Please take a look at Overriding Colors of our Themes.

If you wanted to dump out the brushes / colors of a single theme you can also do this in visual studio by getting the IThemeProvider and iterating properties:

IThemeProvider tcp = ThemeManager.GetThemeProvider("SciChartv4Dark");
// etc... 

To see all the properties in IThemeProvider please see the documentation here: IThemeProvider

Let me know if this helps!


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Ok, I can put together a utility program to dump the Theme definitions. I prefer to have actual themes, since (per my previous posts), I want to switch themes when exporting the plot to a bitmap, then switch back. Different plots in the application will have different theme pairs.

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