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The tag 'SciChartSurface' does not exist in XML namespace ''

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I found two other related questions on this forum one being 11 years ago and the other dated 8 years but my recent trial installation encountered the exact same error and I have no way to start testing the charting library in my code.

I followed this tutorial:

And I get this this error:
The tag ‘SciChartSurface’ does not exist in XML namespace ‘’

I tried installing through the MSI & Licensing Wizard and I also reinstall the package through NuGet package manager console, and restarting Visual Studio but problem remains.

The SciChart WPF library version:
Visual Studio: Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 (64-bit) configured to be x86. Target framework 4.8.

This is very disappointing

  • CJ Lo
    Forgot to mention I’ve also set the keycode in my App.xaml.cs SciChartSurface.SetRuntimeLicenseKey()
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This sounds like a Visual Studio problem and not a scichart problem. Possible causes include:

  1. Referencing the wrong target framework package type e.g. .NET Framework version of SciChart DLLs in a .NET 7 application or vice versa
  2. DotNet bugs or other compile errors
  3. Visual studio designer caching errors

Resolving it should be relatively simple

  • File -> New Project in Visual Studio
  • Nuget -> Install package scichart
  • in a XAML file -> include the xmlns:s=””
  • Create your SciChartSurface using XAML e.g. <s:SciChartSurface/>

We have a tutorial here on setting up a new project
Another tutorial on referencing scichart libraries.
We have simple boilerplates such as a blank project to test out licensing & chart instantiation here

It is also possible to export any example from SciChart WPF Examples by clicking the Export Solution button (find out how here)

Create WPF Chart Example easily

This creates a stand-alone visual studio project that you can use right away for a specific example.

The above should help you to get started. If you still have problems, post your visual studio solution here as a zip (removing bin/obj files) and our team can take a look.

Best regards

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Thank you for responding. I attached my project (**TempChart**) as a zip (I zipped the entire folder since it’s just small enough). Also showing here is a screenshot of the errors shown and the project properties page where the target framework is set (.NET 4.8). The code is a identical to that shown in the tutorial except for the shorter namespace.

I also exported an example from SciChart examples (SciChart_ColumnChart). This exported project gets a whole different sets of error and claims my current .NET 4.8.1 is not found.

I can neither run the tutorial or any solution exported from the examples.

FYI: Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 (64-bit) – Current Version 17.3.1

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My code runs after I remove the ‘s’ from ‘https’ :
from this (in the tutorial): xmlns:s=””
to this: xmlns:s=””

then the code compiles. Is that just a typo in the tutorial or should I really be using https instead of http?

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Thanks for this! a recent find/replace to ensure we didnt’ have mixed SSL / non-secure content seems to have caused this. We will get it fixed asap.
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