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Trigger function for periodic signals

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Hi everyone,

I want to use SciChart to build an digital oscilloscope. For this aim I’m trying to set up a triggering-functionality for periodic signals. I didn’t find any information about this in the documentation and in the knowledgebase articles either. Does SciChart have such a function at all?

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Ralf,

We don’t actually have a trigger function built in to SciChart, think of what we do as just providing the front-end chart control and any underlying behaviours you can configure via our API.

For instance:

  • You get your data from a source (e.g. data acquisition card)
  • You cycle through your data and when a trigger (threshold) value is met you can append the next N-points as a window to the SciChart DataSeries

To append a window to a DataSeries is no more complex than calling DataSeries.Clear() followed by DataSeries.Append()

The number of points to append depends on the window size (e.g. 20 milliseconds) and the time-interval between samples.

We have a lot of Examples on repeatedly updating a dataseries.

Does this help?

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