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update version v4.2 to v6.2 problem

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Hi,I have upgrade my scichart from v4.2 to v6.2(trial version) After upgrade I have blow problems(I am using visual studio 2019):,
1.” SciStockChart didn’t render, because an exception was thrown:
Message: AxisCollection.GetAxisById(‘DefaultAxisId’) returned no axis with ID=DefaultAxisId. Please check you have added an axis with this Id to the AxisCollection
” shown int the output
2.when i mousewheel to load more data it will happen “System.AccessViolationException”
3.after when i loaded more data,I use the keyboard key left or key right to prev or next data ,it can’t pinpoint, in the TestDemo every minute is a alone data,i want to use the key left or key right to arrive it. the TestDemo “SimpleCursorModifier.cs” is control the cursor how to display, when it is cursors.Arrow i click i hope it change cross only, i click again i hope it change Cursors.Arrow,unfortunately it only change in one map(SciStockChart),i must move it is normal.

marks: when i user v4.2 no above questions, Attached( is my example

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Hi there, the zip for this seems to be corrupted. Can you re-upload?

Secondly do you have an active support subscription? we are only obligated to help clients with valid tech support subscriptions.

Best regards,

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Hi Andrew, the zip is not courrupted, to ensure the file smaller, i used the 7z compress, our company has support the v4.2 and expired.
We are ready to support v6.2, so i upgrated it with the trial version first. After the upgrade, i encountered the above problems. fix it, we will buy the v6.2. thank you

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