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I’m using SciChart version, runtime v4.0.30319 and SciChartEx
I am having difficulty using LineArrowAnnotation and I need some help to solve my problem.

My problem is when I use the zoom and the size of the arrows.
When I zoom I need the length of the arrow not to change.
What process do I need to do to make the arrow the same size even when zoomed in?

. Below is a brief explanation of the program.
I made a linear graph where in certain points I show arrows down or up on the screen. (see Image01 below)
enter image description here ( Image01 )

With “HeadLength” and “HeadWidth” I can make the arrow head, the arrow body I am using “Y1” and “Y2”. (see Image02 below)
enter image description here ( Image02 )

When I zoom, I noticed that the arrow head does not change, but the length of the arrow does.
I need this length of arrow not to change like the head of the arrow. (see Image03 below)
enter image description here ( Image03 )

Finally, I apologize for my lack of knowledge of the products of your lordships.
And thanks for the attention paid.
Waiting for an answer.


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Hi Hamilton,

Thanks for your question.
I think LineArrowAnnotation is not suitable in your case.

Instead, you should create CustomAnnotation that will not stretch while you zoom the SciChartSurface. Please take a look at our “Trade Markers” example:

And documentation regarding CustomAnnotation for more info:

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