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Using WPF for real time

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This might sound like a newbie question (well it is) but I was wondering how this would work.
We have a application made in python that receives data over ethernet or serial, processes it, saves data in a file and then also shows it either in graph or in value. The GUI also has buttons, drop downs and what not to select IPs, serial COMs and send commands. The problem is some issues on processing the data and customization of graphs (among others).

Scichart seems to allow all this and the idea was to make 1 or more threads for the data receiving/sending and processing and then have the GUI thread.
From the examples it seems like everything must be made in C# is this correct? I am more accustomed to C++ .

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Hi Luis,

Thanks for your question.
Yes, SciChart libraries support customization and realtime updates.
Please see our documentation to learn more:

And our tutorials:

As to our examples, they are written in C#, but you can use any .NET compatible language to write a WPF application. There is a managed C++ version too. For a list of .NET languages please see:

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