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Vertically Stacked Axes example how to set the same y axis range?

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I am using the Vertically Stacked Axis example and I would like to set the (initial?) maximum of all the y-axis to the maximum of all the y-axis and the minimum to the minimum of all y-axis. In other words I want that everything use the same YAxis scales. Is there a way to to do this easily? or do I just have to set y min and max in the code for all charts/channels?

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Hi Michel,

Thanks for your question. Actually this should be very easy – if you use MVVM in your application then you need to create VisibleRange property in your view model and bind it to all axes with TwoWay binding:

<s:NumericAxis Name="Axis1" VisibleRange="{Binding AxisVisibleRange, Mode=TwoWay}"/>
<s:NumericAxis Name="Axis2" VisibleRange="{Binding AxisVisibleRange, Mode=TwoWay}"/>

or you could use ElementName binding and bind VisibleRange directly to one of axes:

  <s:NumericAxis Name="Axis1" />
  <s:NumericAxis Name="Axis2" VisibleRange="{Binding VisibleRange, ElementName=Axis1, Mode=TwoWay }"/>

Is this approach suitable for you?

Hope it helps!

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